CAN-BRAC Signal Assembly, Clamp

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CAN-BRAC Signal Assembly, Clamp

The CAN-BRAC has rigid and captive mounting hardware (made of stainless steel) available in Horizontal and Vertical options (72° rotation).

Product Specifications
CAN-BRAC Tenon Signal Assembly

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A quick and easy way to mount your traffic signals to a mast-arm. The traffic signal bracket requires only a 9/16″ and 3/4″ SAE wrench for installation onto a mast-arm tenon. Approved across Canada for installation, the CAN-BRAC is adjustable in all three dimensions, making it an extremely adjustable signal bracket.

The CAN-BRAC is made of primary grade aluminum alloy designed for maximum strength. The alloy also is a very specific grade which provides outstanding corrosion resistance and ductility. The cast-in ribs on the clamp prevent rotation on the mast arm. The cast-in and captive hardware prevents over torque and traffic signal clamp failure due to cross-threading. This design installs on 2-3/8” to 5” tenons using clamps. Band and cable versions are also available.

The CAN-BRAC has rigid and captive mounting hardware (made of stainless steel) which prevents stripped threads and does not require a torque wrench or a special third-hand tool to install. Available in both vertical and horizontal orientation, the bracket provides a maximum of 72° rotation for adjustment. The CAN-BRAC Pipe Extrusion has a unique profile, which eliminates the need for filler extrusions and cross threading during assembly and installation. Flexible wire access extrusion cover and caps ensure easy assembly and maintenance, especially during winter conditions. Top and bottom arms include either nipple/nut or tri-bolt configurations.

- Quick and simple installation
- Adjustable for horizontal or vertical signal orientation
- Full stainless steel hardware
- Elevator grade cable
- Fits multiple signal configurations
- CNC tested for lifelong quality
- 62 Degrees of adjustment

- Cast Aluminum
- Powder coating is available
- Contact Sales for more information

Part Number Product Name Description
CBL-VCB-01 CAN-BRAC Signal Assembly, Clamp Bracket Only
CBL-VCN1-85-T24-1 CAN-BRAC Signal Assembly, Clamp One Way - 1 Section
CBL-VCN1-85-T38-1 CAN-BRAC Signal Assembly, Clamp One Way - 2 Section
CBL-VCN1-85-T46-1 CAN-BRAC Signal Assembly, Clamp One Way - 3 Section
CBL-VCN1-85-T58-1 CAN-BRAC Signal Assembly, Clamp One Way - 4 Section
CBL-VCN1-85-T74-1 CAN-BRAC Signal Assembly, Clamp One Way - 5 Section

- For Horizontal Orientation, substitute HCN for VCN
- For Tri-Bolt Assembly, substitute VCT for VCN (or HCT for HCN)