About Us

Mission Critical Quality is Our Specialty

Traffic Hardware + Design is a leading provider of premium quality hardware for the traffic industry. Our experience in manufacturing mission critical parts for elevators and aviation gives us a deep knowledge in metallurgical processes that is reflected in every product we make. We first started manufacturing brakes (safeties) for the elevator industry more than 35 years ago. Our process focuses not only on the design of the part, but also on the grade of the aluminum alloy, load tolerances and fault characteristics. We leverage our experience in making a premium quality product and combine it with a focus on ease of installation and you end up with our innovative product lines.

Innovative Engineering and Design

It’s not just about quality – it’s about decreasing the work involved. By designing a product with an eye towards how an installer is going to interact with it, we can help the customer reduce cost. We achieve this lower cost of installation through faster installation times, not requiring specialized tools to install and shipping the product to our customer in a fully assembled unit. This allows the installer to complete the project faster and move on to the next installation. Time is money and ease of installation helps reduce the time required.

Through our industry leading manufacturing and safety testing processes, we work with our customers, and can custom build for any installation or requirement. If we need to, we will bring our chief engineer to your site and discuss specifications and requirements directly in the field.

Service Inquiries

  • Phone: 716-626-3574
  • Toll Free: 1-844-668-6848
  • Email: support@traffichardware.com